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Gold Buying in Surrey and Wiltshire

The Hamilton Gold Company buys golds in Surbiton and Kingston. As the leading gold buyers in Surrey, Wiltshire and South West London, The Hamilton Gold Company offers unparalleled services and benefits to our valued customers. With direct access to gold analysis facilities, we ensure that you receive the best price for your gold items when you visit us.


Thanks to our well-established trade connections, we have the privilege of working directly with one of the country's main gold smelting facilities, enabling us to provide unprecedented valuations for all your scrap gold jewellery. Our commitment to excellent and personalised service ensures that our customers leave with the best local price guaranteed for their scrap gold jewellery items.

How Does it Work?

Update: Our store is currently undergoing a renovation. If you wish to sell your gold please call us and we will arrange a visit to you.

Simply bring any unwanted jewellery items to our store, and we will meticulously separate the gold into various carat categories, ensuring accurate assessments. For items that lack full hallmarks, we conduct testing that eliminates guesswork, providing a 100% accurate profile of each object. Once the carat weights are determined, we weigh the scrap on our industry-approved and authority-tested scales, offering immediate prices for all scrap metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. We also provide premium prices for selected jewellery items. Every transaction is accompanied by associated paperwork, and we offer prompt payment options, including cash, bank transfer, or cheque.

Our easy and friendly service ensures simplicity and peace of mind, allowing you to sell your unwanted jewellery items with confidence to an industry-approved, fully regulated business that consistently offers the best daily rates.

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Gold We Sell

The Hamilton Gold Company also offers the opportunity to buy gold, either as an investment or as jewellery. Please enquire for details.

Gold Soveriegns
Gold Bullion
Signet Rings

Gold Sovereigns & Coins

Gold Bullion

Invest in timeless wealth with gold sovereigns, a symbol of value and stability for generations to come.

Secure your financial future with gold bullion, the ultimate tangible asset trusted by investors worldwide.

Elevate your style and embody timeless elegance with a gold signet ring, a statement of prestige and individuality.

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