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bespoke signet rings

Discover the artistry of bespoke signet rings at The Hamilton Gold Company. With our Gold Seal Ring service, we offer the opportunity to create a truly personalized piece. Crafted from a wide range of precious metals, including platinum, palladium, 18c (750), 9c (375), or silver, these rings showcase exquisite craftsmanship.


The style of the ring can be tailored to individual taste, with various options and variants available. The ring inscriptions typically fall into one of three categories: a full coat of arms or family crest, a heraldic beast, or monogram-style initialing. Additionally, we can incorporate other inscriptions such as regimental or club crests.


Hand-engraved by one of the country's finest master craftsmen, these seal rings evoke tradition and elegance. In traditional forms of dry seal, the design on the seal matrix is intricately engraved in intaglio, resulting in a relief design that is raised above the surface on the impressions made.


Experience the art of personalisation with our bespoke signet rings, creating lasting impressions of significance and style.


We're pleased to offer the military, blue lights workers and veterans an exclusive 30% discount. Click here for more details.

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