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Military Collectibles Available

Discover a diverse selection of military collectibles and fascinating artifacts for sale at The Hamilton Gold Company. From intriguing medal groups to weaponry and historical memorabilia, our veteran-owned business caters to enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Experts In Militaria

With our deep knowledge and expertise in militaria, our friendly team is dedicated to offering valuable advice and assistance. Whether you seek information on regimental history, require medal mounting services (both court and loose), or need professional valuations, we are here to help.

Valuations & Consultations

For those seeking professional valuations or consultations on their militaria items, we invite you to contact us or visit our store. Our expert team is ready to provide comprehensive assessments and share their insights.


Embrace the rich history of militaria with The Hamilton Gold Company. Explore our exceptional collection and engage with a team passionate about preserving and honouring military heritage.

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