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King Charles III Coronation Medal 2023: Honouring Military Heroes & Veterans

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Coronation Medals

Recognising Exceptional Service and Sacrifice

The coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla in 2023 marks a momentous event in British history. As the nation celebrates this milestone, the King Charles III Coronation Medal serves as a prestigious symbol of appreciation for the unwavering dedication and sacrifices made by our military heroes and veterans.

The Design: A Timeless Tribute

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the King Charles III Coronation Medal captures the essence of majesty and legacy. The obverse features a crowned effigy of the King and Queen facing left, symbolising their regal presence and leadership. On the reverse, the Royal Cypher CiiiR takes center stage, accompanied by the Tudor Crown, a laurel wreath, and the significant date of the coronation: 6 May 2023.

Eligibility and Recognition

The King Charles III Coronation Medal is awarded to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the nation. It is estimated that over 400,000 individuals will be honoured with the King Charles III Coronation Medal, a testament to their dedication and sacrifices. Eligible recipients include:

- Military Personnel

Serving members of the Armed Forces who have completed five full calendar years of service by 6 May 2023 or have actively participated in Armed Forces Coronation events throughout 2023.

- First Responders

Frontline emergency personnel, including police officers, firefighters, and others, who have served in a paid, retained, or voluntary capacity for at least five full calendar years by 6 May 2023 while fulfilling their duties during emergencies.

- Veterans and Ex-Servicemen

Individuals who were serving in the Armed Forces on 6 May 2023 and have met the five-year service requirement as of 6 May 2023.

- Publicly Employed Prison Services Personnel

Those who have completed five full calendar years of service in the prison services by the coronation date.

The Hamilton Gold Company: Honouring Military Heroes

At The Hamilton Gold Company, as a veteran-owned business, we hold a deep respect for our armed forces and are dedicated to providing exceptional service to military personnel. In celebration of this momentous occasion, we offer an exclusive 30% military discount on engagement rings, wedding rings, signet rings, and new mess silver centrepieces to all eligible recipients of the King Charles III Coronation Medal and all veterans.

A Legacy of Excellence

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Honouring the Coronation Medal

As we commemorate this historic coronation, The Hamilton Gold Company stands ready to serve those who have served our nation. We take great pride in our industry expertise, fair valuations, and exceptional customer service.

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